Freelancer Terms of Service Compliance Notice

You have received a notice that your eWomen account may be closed in 30 days because of a possible violation of eWomen Terms of Service (TOS) noticed by your account.

Our TOS ensures that we provide a safe and trusted online workplace for the freelancers and the clients wherein they can hire, pay and receive the agreed work with confidence.

There is every possibility that eWomen became aware of a potential violation because of the low client satisfaction. A low client satisfaction indicates the violation of Ewomen’s TOS for a number of reasons. The TOS requires freelancers to adhere to all of their contractual obligations towards their clients by delivering high-quality work.

In addition, the TOS require you to accurately mention your business, skills and qualifications, and the services offered by you.

An increase in your client satisfaction score, in most of the cases, is interpreted by eWomen as your efforts to resolve the issues with your client.

What can I do now?

• Contract obligations come first:

Before entering into a contract with your client, ensure that you clearly understand your obligations and deliverables. Failure to adhere to client expectations might result in low client satisfaction and/or payment disputes.

• Only take projects you are qualified for and can deliver on budget and on time:

With the acceptance of a job contract with your client, you promise to deliver the agreed work at an agreed cost within an agreed time. at a certain cost and by a certain time.

In case of the change in scope of work, ensure to get the change in scope updated in your agreement with the client. This will help you to deliver consistently remain on time and budget.

• Good communication is the key to good client-

eWomen suggest you to maintain a great freelancerclient relationship. You should never use abusive or inappropriate language and should always behave professionally.

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