Freelancer Violating Rules and Account Holds

It is mandatory for every freelancer to adhere to all the eWomenTerms of Service and user agreement. The failure in complying with any of the terms of service or user agreement can result into either interruption or termination of your account. The consequences can include the permanent closure of your eWomen account and with that, the loss of your goodwill earned.

Below is a list of the most prevalent violations and the methods to prevent them:

1) Hiding Identity and Sharing your Account: You should only provide your own information which is accurate and can be verified. Use a clear photo of yours. Please note eWomen HR team will make proper verification before proposing your profile to Client.

Never allow any other person to access your eWomen account. Also ensure to never log into the account of any of your clients on their behalf. Instead, ask them to make you a part of the team with appropriate permissions.

Always respond promptly to all verification requests received to verify your phone or ID.

2) Receiving Payments outside eWomen: Always receive payments through Ewomen. Never agree to receive payment outside of eWomen.In case a client offers you the payment outside of eWomen, decline the proposal and inform us as soon as possible.

3) Failure to complete the Contracts: Once you accept a job offer and enter into a contract, it becomes your duty to complete the given task and deliver premium quality work. Failure to accomplish your contract responsibilities can result in low or no client satisfaction and payment disputes.

You should always be very specific about the description of your business, skills, qualification, and the services offered by you. There should not be any misrepresentation of your abilities.

4) Multiple Logins or Incorrect Account Type: You should always use the same login for every work on eWomen. Whether you’re providing your services and working as a freelancer or you are hiring the services of others as a client or agency, you should have only one account performing all these roles. Having multiple logins or accounts is strictly prohibited in eWomen.

5) Spams and Harassment: You are expected to treat all your clients or freelancers with respect and follow professional ethics in all your communications. Don’t spam the inbox of your client by sending them same cover letter again and again or messaging them excessively. This does nothing but unnecessarily harass your client. We recommend you to customize all your applications with respect to the requirements of every job and client.

6) Feedback Abuse: Good feedback is something you earn, not force. Don’t pressurize your clients for a good feedback or hold on work until they leave a feedback for you. However, it is OK to inform the clients that you are committed to provide premium quality work to earn a decent rating, or to ask them to leave a feedback for you.

Account holds with respect to any of the above cited reasons shall have impact on your ranking and you shall be disqualified from the status of Top Ranking for a span of 90 days after your account is resumed.
eWomen strongly suggests to review complete eWomen terms of service and user agreement.

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