Interview and Negotiate with a Client

Invitations to Interview with Client:

eWomen HR team with arrange your interview with Client. You will be sent an ‘Invitation to Interview’ from our HR team.

You will get notification for interview. Click jobs and select interview from dropdown menu. Once you accept the interview , you will be notified of the time for an interview with the client .

You can respond to an ‘Invitation to Interview’ in any of below form:

Accept: You can accept the invitation to the interview by clicking on the ‘accept option’. You may add your comments in comments section with any preference on time & any other feedback.

Decline: If you want to decline an invitation to the interview for a particular job, then you are required to mention the reason for declining.

Preparation for interview:

1) You must learn more about the client, company profile and proposed project
2) Please decide how you want to pursue a contract and at what terms
3) Get yourself ready with questions to ask and to be asked
4) Anticipate the general questions during the interview & prepare to answer them
5) Be on time for the interview

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