Manage your Payment Methods

eWomen permits you to register more than one accounts as long as long as you are the owner of those accounts.
Before registering a payment method on eWomen, we recommend you to carefully check your account number(s) and details properly. Accuracy of these details is solely your responsibility and is important for successful transfer of your funds.

To register a payment method:
Enter your bank account details and IFSC code properly.
For security purposes, any new payment method that you register would become active in three working days.
To edit or remove the information of your payment method, follow the below mentioned process:
2. Click the Settings from top right drop down menu
3. On setting page , click Payment Methods from left side panel
4. Under Payment Methods, find the one you want to edit or remove
5. Edit your information and click Save Changes.
Please note that you cannot edit the details like the e-mail addresses, bank account numbers, and the bank codes. In case you need to edit any of these details, you must register a new payment method. At the same time, don’t forget to remove the old payment method in order to avoid any confusion thereafter.

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