Payment issues

– Collect Funds for a Deceased eWoman’s Estate
In case of the demise of a eWoman, the executor of her estate can collect the money owed to her.
In order to collect the money owed to a deceased eWoman, the executor of her estate needs to fax or mail all of the following documents to eWomen:

• A letter that states the freelancer is deceased and the executor wants to close the freelancer’s eWomen account.
• A copy of the death certificate.
• A copy of the deceased’s will or a legal document that identifies the requestor as the executor of the freelancer’s estate.
• A copy of the executor’s photo ID.
eWomen would need at least seven business days to review the documentation provided. Upon approval, eWomen will close the freelancer’s account and release all of funds available in her eWomen’s account to the freelancer’s registered bank account. The estate executor is then responsible to collect the funds from the bank.

– Can holidays or outages delay my payments?
Well, if it’s a gazetted holiday, yes! The time it takes to receive direct eWomen-to-bank account payment methods is calculated in terms of business days. Saturdays, Sundays, and bank holidays do not count as business days, so you may experience delay arising out of the usual processing schedule.
We recommend you to please contact your own bank for a list of local holidays that can cause delay in payments.

– What if my bank account is under a different name?
To set up payment to your bank account, you must be listed as an account holder or authorized signatory on that account.
Only bank account in the name of Registered eWomen will be accepted for payment.

– Troubleshoot Money Transfers

eWomen Local Funds Transfer requests are generally processed within a period of one business day. The Local Funds payments will be deposited at your bank within same day to 3 business days. Some banks follow a policy wherein the funds from incoming transfers attract waiting period. Please confirm with your bank about the time it will take to clear funds.
In case the transfer does not succeed and the funds are returned, all the fees resulting from an eWomen error will be covered by eWomen. However, if the transfer fails due to the incorrect information provided by the freelancer, the funds are returned to the freelancer after deducting the below mentioned costs:
• Original payment fees
• Any additional fee or penalty that your bank might impose

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