Protect the Security of Your eWomen Account

Let us have a look at some important tips that can help you stay safe on eWomen and online in general.
Protect your machine:
• Keep your antivirus software, browsers, plug-ins, applications, and operating systems updated with the latest version.

• Ensure that your computer is scanned at least once by a trusted anti-virus. You can even schedule an automatic scan of your PC.
• Ensure that you download files, attachments or software only from the authentic and trusted sources.
• Shut down your computer when not in use.
Protect personal information:
• Be careful with unknown sites or links. Click only on the known links and enter your credentials on known sites only.
• Don’t forget to check for encryption while sharing private information online.
• Set up a password which is a mix of alphabets, symbols, numbers, etc. In short, make sure that your password is storing enough.
• Have a unique password for every account. Don’t use same password across various accounts.
• Never share or store your password at a place which is accessible by anyone else. (Mind that your computer is vulnerable to hacking by the hackers).
• Your password should be changed after every 90 days
• Be careful while using public computers. Don’t treat them like your own personal computer
• If you are provided with a two-factor authentication, turn it ON
Handling Malware:
• Be alert to recognize the cautionary signs of a malware infection
• Remove malware & report it on eWomen. Please e-mail
If you observe any suspicious or dishonest activity on eWomen which is in violation to eWomen User Agreement, please report it at

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