Skills Tests

eWomen has integrated world leading online test certification company’s expert rating to test the skills of ewomen freelancers. This gives you the perfect opportunity to test your skills and demonstrate your capability to the clients.

Your eWomen ranking directly depends on your tests score. Higher the test score more marketable you will be. Your public profile will showcase results of the tests. However, you have the option to hide any result wherein you have obtained lower marks.

There is no limit on the number of tests taken. A freelancer can take any number of tests she is comfortable with. The more the tests, the more will be the impact on the client. You have various options of performing free skill tests covering almost all categories from Java to Photoshop to English Grammar. We recommend you to take all the tests corresponding with your skills.

Appearing for Tests:

Once you add your skills into your profile, the eWomen system will recommend you corresponding tests matching your skills. You have options to choose more tests by clicking more option below the recommended test option.

You can take any number of tests you are comfortable with. Only the highest marks scored will be showcased in your profile. Failing tests will have no consequence. We encourage you to reappear for tests regularly after upgrading your skills.

You have the option to hide the tests with scores you are not comfortable with or that no longer match your featured skills.


Every test is scored on a scale of 1 to 100. You must earn a minimum of 50 out of 100 to pass any test.

Troubleshooting for test:

• In case a test doesn’t open properly, there is every possibility that the service maintenance is going on. We thus recommend you to again try after sometime, probably after a few hours.
• The majority of skills tests run fine with the standard settings of the browser. However, if you have already started a test and it doesn’t work properly, follow the below mentioned steps:

1 Go into the settings of your browser.
2 Check if the pop-up windows, java script, and cookies are enabled. In case any of them is not enabled, enable it.
3 After completing the above two steps, if you’re still facing issue with the tests then your test might need active scrip writing and script framing in Java applets.

• If you lose your internet connection while you are taking test, contact the eWomen customer support and get the test reset for you.

• If you come across any issue with a particular test question, we encourage you to report it to us. You may either report it while taking the exam by clicking on the “Report an Issue” button or you can even contact eWomen customer support after finishing your exam. We refer to these reports in order to make improvements to the tests on our portal.

How to find and take a free skills test:

1 Click Tests tab from the Main menu
2 Click any of the recommended tests at the top or click ‘View More Tests’ to browse the entire list of tests. You may filter the tests by category or can search for a particular test by some keyword
3 Choose a test and click its title. Review all the information mentioned about the test and once you are Ok with the test information, start taking the test by clicking on the Start Test button.
4 Before you move on to the next question, answer every question. There would be the counter at the top right corner of your screen. It shows the number of questions and time that is left.
5 At the end of the test, both of your score and result is available to you. You may opt to leave your feedback about the test. (We encourage you to do so! This will help us improve the tests and make them more comprehensive).

Important points on tests

• You should never attempt a test on behalf of anyone else.
• You are strictly prohibited to access the test or any of its part in any inappropriate manner. You neither observe someone else taking the test nor discuss the questions or answers with those who took the test. You should also not look up online for the questions or the answers of the test.
• You should not reveal, circulate, broadcast or transmit any part of the eWomen skills tests, in any form and by any means without the written permission from eWomen. You are also strictly prohibited to take any screen shots during your test.
• The tests are to be taken by an individual freelancer only. You are not supposed to team up with other test-takers or refer to their screens during the test. You should also not refer to any test related material or written substance during your test.

How to see test results?

1. Click on Test button from main menu.
2. Select “Test results” from the drop down to view results of all tests you have taken on eWomen.

• Identity Verification process
eWomen is committed to have Verified Employers as well as Verified Employees,

We have internal as well as system verification process for each eWomen freelancer. Every eWomen freelancer will have to accept the eWomenTerms of Service& User Agreement.

Documents Required:

You will have to submit any of following documents for Verification Purposes:

• Govt. Identity Card,
• Pan Card,
• Driving License,
• Adhar Card,
• Passport copy,
• Voter ID

eWomen will scrutinize the content & documents uploaded by you to make sure that it matches our specified criteria. This normally takes 3 to 4 business days. eWomen HR team may contact you for additional verification or background checking, if required.

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