What is phishing and how can I avoid it?

The illegal activity of sending emails claiming or pretending to be from authentic resources in order to persuade people disclose their personal information online, such as, passwords and credit card numbers, is called Phishing.

Protect yourself from Phishing
• Be careful of the emails containing links and/or attachment(s). Watch out properly before you click or open any of them.
• Take your time and watch out the sender’s email address closely – does the id seem genuine?
• Look out if the content in the email look genuine and does it really make any sense? (Can you really win a million of dollars in a lottery without even applying?)
• In case you have the slightest of the doubt, before you take any action, first confirm the content of the message with the sender (do ensure not to reply to the phisher!).
• Keep the security features of your system updated
• Keep your operating system up to date (irrespective of whether it is Windows, Linux, iOS or Android). Always ensure to install all the security measures as and when they are available.
• Update your browser often
• Regularly update your Adobe Flash player. Infact, we recommend you to uninstall Adobe Flash and start using Google Chrome, as the Flash player is in-built in Google Chrome.
If you happen to receive any phishing email, kindly report it to abcd@ewomen.co
Resolve a Tampered Account
If you suspect that you’re a phisher has tampered your account or otherwise:
• Immediately get in touch with eWomen Customer Support and report the same at the earliest.
• Don’t forget to mention your name, eWomen user ID, and a description of what you believe must have happened.
• Instantly change the password of your eWomen account and the security question. If you are not able to log in to your eWomen accounts to make these changes, kindly get in touch with our customer support team.

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